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Tudo Azul

Eau de Parfum 100ml

Tudo Azul

Tudo Azul is the potion to put a smile on your face

Fragrances don’t always have to be serious. When you’re least expecting it, a sudden scent can bring a smile to your face. That’s the aim of Tudo Azul and it’s right there in the name. In Brazil, when someone asks how you are the reply is always the same:

“Tudo bem, tudo azul.”

Everything is fine, everything is blue. It captures that sense of serenity and bliss. It’s the blue of the clear skies, of the lightly rolling waves. Being able to capture that sense in Tudo Azul was really important to us.

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Top Notes: Lime, mandarine oil, bahia orange,
Heart Notes: Cachaca, brown sugar, marine accord, rhum
Base Notes: Ambery woods, vetiver, vanilla bean, labdanum


Fanny Bal
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makes you smile

At Anima Vinci, we wanted Tudo Azul to be about fun. We wanted it to be summery, light, and filled to the brim with joy. So, we modelled the scent on one of our favourite drinks, the caipirinha cocktail. The caipirinha is one of Brazil’s national treasures, a citrus-laced, sugar-soaked infusion of the country’s character. It’s fun, it’s joyous, it encourages you to simply relax and have a great time.
We’ve all been sat at an office desk, remembering holidays past. You can’t help but smile. It could be anything that triggers the memory, perhaps a few notes heard from the radio of a passing car. The texture of a bathing costume or the taste of coconuts. A little reminder to your senses of another place, tucked away safely inside your memories.
Tudo Azul is designed to have the same effect. One hint of the light, citrusy scent is all it takes to transport you to the distant beaches, the samba atmosphere, and the dancing, shifting bodies, partying into the night. It’s fun, it’s joy, it’s bliss. It’s right there in the bottle, waiting for you.
When you give it a try, you’ll understand: Tudo Azul puts a smile on your face.

Bahia's Orange

Our key ingredient
Tudo Azul takes three key ingredients: lime, cachaca and Bahia’s orange. We didn’t want to overcomplicate or overthink the concoction. Instead, it’s designed to reflect the caipirinha itself. Simple ingredients used in the best possible way to achieve the best possible effect. One taste is all it takes for the caipirinha to transport you to the beaches and the slightest hint of Tudo Azul can do the same.
The Bahia orange is a key part of that. It’s that unexpected twist, the fresh, fruity, sweet citrus aroma that gently lifts your spirit. With our selection of the perfect ingredients, you’ll discover how Bahia’s oranges really bring Tudo Azul to life.

Fanny Bal

Meet the Perfumer
Trained in IFF New York, Fanny took inspiration from the vibrant city before returning to Paris to work under the mentorship of Dominique Ropion.

Tudo azul is all about joy, happiness and sun. I have composed the fragrance with bright ingredients and a smile on my face.

Fanny Bal
Tudo Azul

Anima Vinci Fragrance Eau de Parfum 100ml

Tudo Azul