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Lime Spirit

Eau de parfum 100ml

Lime Spirit

A citrus infusion designed to stimulate the body and the mind.

The divine aroma of Lime Spirit provides a burst of vivacious intensity, a citric rush which lifts any spirit. With brilliantly organic top notes, the entire fragrance delves deep into the complexities of the mind and body. With hints of ginger, vetiver, and amber, it’s a cleansing potion for the soul.

Designed as a stimulating tonic, Lime Spirit is more than just a pleasant aroma. It massages the spirit, cleanses your aura, and boosts your self-confidence.

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Top Notes: Bergamot, orange, citrus fusion, mandarin.
Heart Notes: Black pepper, neroli, ginger, lavender, hedione, pink pepper, cardamom, pepperwood fusion.
Base Notes: Amber, cedarwood, moss, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, tonka, leather, benzoin, musk.




Christian Provenzano
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Lime Spirit is the potion for stirring emotions. Hundreds of years ago, sailors travelled the world. At sea, they needed to stay healthy. Doctors encouraged sailors to eat as many limes as possible to keep fit, energised, and stimulated. We wanted to pay tribute to this history. Together with Christian Provenzano, we conjured up It’s our tribute to history, to the qualities of the lime, and to all the stimulating energies that are a part of everyday life. Those signature citric notes are so easy to identify, they make everyone in the vicinity feel refreshed. Just like the taste of a cocktail on the tongue, the lime really sparks life into your senses, so it’s no wonder that our brains can detect it so quickly. But we’re Anima Vinci – we don’t settle for simple scents. To give the fragrance more depth, we infused the recipe with a number of woody notes, as well as a touch of leather. The effect is remarkable – after that initial citrus rush grabs your attention, the richer elements linger, adding a power and a reassurance which really locks in satisfying aromas. Really, everything about Lime Spirit is a journey. An olfactive adventure with a strong, mellifluous finish. A lime might not seem like much, but Lime Spirit leaves a lasting impression.

Sicilian Lime

Our key ingredient
For thousands of years, limes have been used to flavour, protect, purify, and cleanse. They are powerful enough to polish our emotional and physical states, providing a great source of health and energy. It’s this revitalizing quality which makes this particular fruit such a key ingredient in Lime Spirit. And we don’t use just any ingredients. Anyone who has tasted Sicilian limes will recognise their wonderful taste.


Meet the Perfumer
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Christian Provenzano

Meet the Perfumer
Christian is a recognised specialist in Oriental and Arabic fragrances, with a passion for zesty touches.


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I've been able to use the best raw materials available...The fragrance contains two of my favourite aroma fusion ingredients, citrus fruit and pepero.

Christian Provenzano
Lime Spirit

Anima Vinci Fragrance Eau de parfum 100ml

Lime Spirit