Our Story

Anima Vinci is a range of consciously created fragrances designed to evoke a passionate and emotional effect on the mind, heart and spirit. Through blending science and nature, each unique scent has been crafted to offer a genuine and mind opening journey.

In collaboration with independent suppliers and farmers from around the world, all of our products have been made with a sustainable approach. Our blend of rare ingredients and formulas will leave you feeling uplifted, confident and upbeat.


I believe in the power of fragrance to bring hope,
joy and love; The power to unlock feelings
That give rise to a new sense of action,
A better world created with courage.

Scent is the most sensational of senses
The world opens up before me.
I’m taken back to my past
And propelled towards my future.
Timelessly I return to a special place.
Memories take me to my Eden.
I enjoy every breath of the world
And look forward defiantly.

I create fragrances that blend science and art
Call to the head and the heart.

The Founder

Nathalie Vinciguerra

I have always believed that fragrance has the power to immerse us in the universe’s energy and nature’s beauty. My goal was to create scents that would elevate our truest selves, give clarity of mind and uplift the spirit. I am filled with joy to be able to express my dreams through this collection of fragrances. It’s been a pleasure to have worked with passionate perfumers and dedicated sustainable suppliers who share in my enthusiasm to give more positive energy back into the world. Unlock your senses and begin a new journey!

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Choose the journey you want to be on with a collection of our five fragrances.

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