The essence of the brand

Inhale connects to emotions.

Emotions meet scent | Anima Vinci sparks all your senses in a moment.

Each fragrance takes you on an exalting journey.

Our symbols

Our logo

The meaning of ‘Anima’ comes from the Latin word soul or ‘inner spirit’. ‘Vinci’ is to conquer and is also a diminutive of the founder’s name Vinciguerra

The bottle

Our bottle is inspired by minimalism, zen and the elements. Bespoke design by Federico Restrepo, the pebble shape maximises light around the bottle. The cap denotes the heart of a lotus flower and the bottle is made in France from the highest quality glass.

Our manifesto

I believe in the power of fragrance to bring hope, joy and love;
The power to unlock feelings,
That give rise to a new sense of action,
A better world created with passion.

Scent is the most sensational of senses.
The world opens up before me.
I’m taken back to my past
And propelled towards my future.
Timelessly I return to a specific place.
Memories take me to my Eden.
I enjoy every breath of the world
And look forward defiantly.
I create fragrances
that encourage you to embrace life.
All you have to do is breathe.
Anima Vinci, Awaken the spirit within.

Discovery Set

Choose the journey you want to be on with a collection of our seven fragrances.

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