The essence of the brand

Inhale connects to emotions.

Emotions meet scent | Anima Vinci sparks all your senses in a moment.

Each fragrance takes you on an exalting journey.

Our symbols

Our logo

The meaning of ‘Anima’ comes from the Latin word soul or ‘inner spirit’. ‘Vinci’ is to conquer and is also a diminutive of the founder’s name Vinciguerra

The bottle

Our bottle is inspired by minimalism, zen and the elements. Bespoke design by Federico Restrepo, the pebble shape maximises light around the bottle. The cap denotes the heart of a lotus flower and the bottle is made in France from the highest quality glass.

The feel good perfume potions

Each breath can be a journey, the scents and tastes transporting us to another time and place.

At Anima Vinci, we’re fascinated by the effect each breath has on our senses and we craft fragrances with this in mind. Each of our potions is designed to make you feel good.

The scents we create have the power to immerse all of us in the effervescent energy of the universe and the ever-present beauty of the natural world.

At Anima Vinci, we search for the best ingredients from sustainable sources. We treasure the world around us and want you to feel good about yourself and your environment.

Discovery Set

All Anima vinci in a box