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Rose Prana

Eau de parfum 100ml

Rose Prana

A potion designed to balance your life and boost your confidence.

Balance is so important. Rose Prana is our attempt to bring a little bit of balance to your life. With carefully curated blend of classic and modern ingredients, we’ve fashioned an invigorating, soothing fragrance which helps you tiptoe along even the trickiest of tightropes.

Rose Prana brings a freshness and a floral energy to your senses, providing an aroma that cares for both your body and your mind. As a fragrance, it’s one of our favourites. As a potion that re-aligns the world around you, it’s unsurpassed and provides spiritual wisdom and mental clarity. Balance is so important and you can smell if for yourself with every single breath.

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Top Notes: Violets leaves, verbena, pink pepper. 
Heart Notes: Centifolia rose from Grasse. 
Base Notes: Oak moss, woody accord, vetiver, patchouli, white musk.


Randa Hammami
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Balance & self confidence

If life is all about striking the perfect balance, Rose Prana is the ideal fragrance. With nods to the heart chakra and a finely-tuned collection of ingredients which sing in harmony with your central nervous system, it’s an aroma that balances the needs of the mind, the body, and the soul. It boosts self-confidence, it elicits positive feelings, and it strengthens your aura.
It’s this freshness, this invigorating energy which really thrusts Rose Prana into the realm of modern fragrances. By refining the highest quality ingredients and treating them with a modern level of care and attention, we were able to tread that fine line between the two worlds. It’s this balance that we’ve worked so hard to achieve, tiptoeing along this fine line between classic and modern, between the pleasant embrace of the familiar and the exciting delight of the new.
We innovate, always. We stand on the shoulders of giants, which allows us to see far into the future. It’s why we tweaked Rose Prana until it was the perfect balance between both worlds, giving you the confidence to wear it in any situation.

Rose Centifolia

Our Key Ingredient
The rose is the queen of flowers and she takes centre stage in Rose Prana. But we didn’t use just any rose – we selected the rose centifolia. It has such a distinct aroma without being overpowering: a clear, sweet scent of roses, with an ever-so-slight hint of honey.
For centuries, it’s been at the heart of the perfume industry. A traditional symbol of beauty, the rose centifolia is a rare and unique flower which only blooms three weeks in May.


Meet the perfumer
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Randa Hammami

Meet the perfumer
Randa is an expert in making the most of a rose. No wondering why her creative studio's name is Damascena, French for "Damask rose".

rose Centifolia


GPS coordinates
43°38'32.2"N 6°58'58.6"E

My goal in this creation was to capture the breath of the rose when it blooms.

Randa Hammami
Rose Prana

Anima Vinci Fragrance Eau de parfum 100ml

Rose Prana