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Oud Delight

Eau de parfum 100ml

Oud Delight

A mystical potion designed to fortify the power of your mind.

For centuries, agarwood has been revered for its mystical qualities. Distilled into oud, it’s always been an important part of perfumery. We tapped into this captivating history when creating Oud Delight, a way to clear your mind and seek peace and enlightenment through a powerful, enchanting aroma.
Oud Delight is our attempt to strengthen your thoughts and clear away the cobwebs of your mind. The complex blend of natural ingredients increases creativity and unlocks your thoughts – all wrapped together in a wonderful scent.

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon.
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, clove, ginger, saffron, coriander seed, ylang ylang, rose.
Base Notes: Olibanum, sandalwood, oud, patchouli, tonka, labdanum, vetiver, musk, amber.


Christian Provenzano
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fortify your mind

Are you ever caught in a moment when an answer seems so close but it seems to shimmer behind a gossamer veil and you feel as though its forever out of reach?
You might feel like your thoughts are lost in a fog or you might feel tired after a long day.
At Anima Vinci, we strive to unlock the mind using the power of the senses. Oud Delight is created using one of perfumery’s most intoxicating aromas: oud. Deeply treasured by many people, it’s regarded as a very particular, refined taste.
The aim is to inspire, to give you just a hint of the effervescent muse, to fortify your creativity and dislodge those blocked pathways of your brain. We’ve all had frustrating days, when nothing seems to click. But have you tried solving the issue with your senses?
Our carefully curated blend of ingredients brings out the best in you, while still smelling fresh and fragrant.
This is the Anima Vinci way. We’re not just trying to create fragrances, but we want you to find the best possible you. Whether it’s unlocking your potential with Oud Delight or simply enjoying a particular aroma, our potions deliver positive results which last throughout the day.


Our Key Ingredient
In many places around the world, oud is burned for spiritual reasons. It perfumes houses and cleanses spirits. It drives out the staid, tainted aromas of a home and replaces it with something soothing, something sweeter. This is the exact approach which we’ve tried to capture. Oud Delight is an attempt to refine this unique aroma for a more worldly palate. We understand that oud isn’t for everyone, so we tamed its raw, animalistic strengths with sweeter additions, such as rose.


Meet the Perfumer
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Christian Provenzano

Meet the Perfumer
Christian is a recognised specialist in Oriental and Arabic fragrances. Based in Dubai, Oud is an essential part of his daily life.


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14°23'35.2"N 104°54'06.7"E

Oud is an amazing ingredients with many facets, even a tiny amount in a fragrance will explode the perfume.

Christian Provenzano
Oud Delight

Anima Vinci Fragrance Eau de parfum 100ml

Oud Delight