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Cherry blossoms floating gently to ground, warm sand shifting beneath your toes, a cool breeze caressing your cheek as you sit quietly, audience to a crimson sunset. When do you feel at peace?
Our senses contribute so much to our moods, our feelings, and our state of being, we should always tune our surroundings to reduce stress and guide ourselves towards a state of zen.

Sesame Chān, the new fragrance from Anima Vinci, was created with this in mind.

The silken scent of Sesame Chān is more than just a fragrance. We wanted to fashion a perfume that talks to your experiences and carries you back to a time when you were free from stress. It’s more than just an intriguing aroma – we believe it’s a potion for the soul.

Our belief is that fragrances can be so much more than pretty smells. It’s why we like to refer to our products as potions: you don’t just wear Sesame Chān – you’re affected by it. Sesame Chāntaps into those peaceful memories which – in stressful moments – seem so far away. We bring them back in one carefully-crafted breath.

 In today’s fast-paced, overwhelming world, why shouldn’t you carry a breath of zen with you all day?

As well as creating a wistful, thought-provoking fragrance, we wanted to use ingredients that have long been famed for their ability to relax, disentangle, and ease your tensions. Nathalie Vinciguerra picked her favourite peaceful moments and, working closely with master perfumer Sophie Labbé, we captured them in a bottle. We decided to use roasted sesame seeds, for instance, because of their use in ancient Buddhist rituals. We selected vetiver oil because it has long been known as the “oil of tranquillity” – it’s essential in traditional Ayurveda medical practices.

As humans, our sense of smell is so powerful and so often overlooked. At Anima Vinci, we want to change that. We believe this approach sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We don’t just help you to smell good, we help you to feel good too. 

In stressful moments or when you just want to unwind, the light, airy aroma of Sesame Chān can transport you to a more peaceful place. We’ve designed the fragrance to be worn and enjoyed at the same time, a long-lasting almost Proustian way to disentangle yourself from the hectic hours of the day.
As part of our commitment to the soul as well as the senses, we strive to use as many sustainable ingredients as possible. Each element of Sesame Chān is carefully selected with this in mind.
Our creators love ingredients which tell great stories but we make sure that those stories are told in the right way. While we love the way vetiver acts as a calming influence, we want to make sure that we’re not just using the best ingredients but that we’re working towards a sustainable future at the same time. We use the best vetiver in the world, working with locals in Haiti to improve the quality of the crop as well as people’s lives in the local communities.
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When we source ingredients, we search tirelessly for sustainable, eco-friendly producers. We buy this vetiver, for example, because we know that the local community receives a fair price and that the traditional cultivation techniques ensure that their yearly vetiver harvest will be bountiful for years to come. We appreciate transparency, sustainability, and fairness – examples of which you can see on our website – and we feel this really adds to the quality of our product. These communities and these ingredients are just as much a part of our creative process as our incredible perfumiers.

When you try an Anima Vinci product, you truly sense this commitment to long-lasting, sustainable, and ethical ingredient resourcing. Every single one of our feel-good potions is imbued with this sensation.

If you’d like to learn more about our creative process, our commitment to sustainability, or the inspiration behind Sesame Chān and our other fabulous fragrances, we’re happy to share. We love hearing our customers’ thoughts and we want our story to be a part of your story.

At Anima Vinci, we’re changing the way you think about fragrance. At Anima Vinci, we’re not your traditional company. We’re involved. We’re creative. We’re ethical. We’re thoughtful.

We’re Anima Vinci and this is Sesame Chān.  



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