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Experience the flow of a balanced state of mind with Rose Prana

Balance is so important.
But there’s also so much history hidden away in Rose Prana and we love to share it with our fans.
See, one of the most critical ingredients in this fragrance is the rose centifolia, otherwise known as the may rose. It has such a distinct aroma without being overpowering: a clear, sweet scent of roses, with an ever-so-slight hint of honey. For centuries, it’s been at the heart of the perfume industry.
To that end, the rose centifolia only grows in one part of the world. When we wanted to make Rose Prana, we knew we had to head to Provence in France, to the city of Grasse.
 This relatively small city is considered by many people to be the spiritual home of the fragrance world.
It’s where many of the techniques we use today were first developed and where many ingredients – such as the rose centifolia – can be found. If you want the very best, you have to go to the source. If you want to stand on the shoulders of the giants of the perfume world, you simply must go to Grasse.
To achieve this, we went all the way to the fields themselves. Together with Master Perfumer Randa Hammami, we examined every rose bush, every petal, and every possible way to make our fragrance stand out. We harvested the petals ourselves, as Randa told us that she wanted “to capture the breath of the rose in the field where it blooms.”

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But there’s a danger that aromas such as these can be almost… too classic, and following the crowd is not the Anima Vinci way. We knew we had to be distinct, we knew we had to find a way to make Rose Prana stand out from the rest.
It’s this balance that we’ve worked so hard to achieve, tiptoeing along this fine line between classic and modern, between the pleasant embrace of the familiar and the exciting delight of the new. We innovate, always. We worked on Rose Prana until it was the perfect balance between both worlds, giving you the confidence to wear it in any situation.
It’s this freshness, this invigorating energy with an amazing woody vetiver base note which really thrusts Rose Prana into the realm of modern fragrances. By refining the highest quality ingredients and treating them with a modern level of care and attention, we were able to tread that fine line between the two worlds. Balance is so important and you can smell if for yourself with every single breath.

But with this commitment to the highest possible standards comes a great responsibility. Despite all of the history of the rose centifolia and Grasse, the flower itself is at risk. The farming of the rose centifolia takes a long time to master – each crop is slow to grow, the rewards are often paltry, and the work itself is hard. There is only one harvest each year and it dictates the course of so many lives in Grasse. As land prices in the area rise and rise, more and more rose growers are thinking of abandoning their tradition. Fewer and fewer farmers are able to turn a profit harvesting the crop, while the next generation seems disinterested in following in their parents’ footsteps.

article image This put Rose Prana at risk. We rely on the farmers, just as we rely on all of our amazing suppliers around the world. To try to remedy this issue, we teamed up with Art & Parfum, a local oil producer who dedicate themselves to the plight of the rose growers. They commit to buying the harvest at a fair price each year and they work tirelessly with the media to raise the profile of the farmers. Putting human faces to these professions can help to let more people know about the difficulties in this rich and rewarding – though often overlooked – profession.

By working with timeless companies such as Art & Parfum, Anima Vinci can find new ways to bring customers classic delights. Rose Prana is one of the best examples of this and we belief that’s part of why it smells so good. As we said before, it’s all about finding the right balance and doing what we can to stay perfectly attuned to perfection.



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