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Welcome to CONQUER!

Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of Conquer, Anima Vinci’s latest e-zine, helping you to nourish your inner spirit.


What is Conquer?

You may know that ‘Anima’ means ‘inner spirit’ and Vinci means ‘Conquer’, so our brand literally translates to ‘conquering your inner spirit’.
For us, this means doing things that nourish, energise, recharge and uplift the spirit, and this is what we aim to bring to you in this bi-monthly ezine.

What we’ll cover


We will be bringing you the best in self-care topics. In our ‘Conquer Your Inner Spirit’ section, we’ll provide balanced advice on health, meditation, being a woman, and how to juggle family priorities with your career.

CONQUER will also take you into the delightful heritage of perfumery, from the plants we use in our perfumes to our sustainable farming practices.  

Finally, our aim is to help you feel good, inside and out. We’ll be asking 25 feel good questions to inspirational people to find out their strategies for self-care.


Our goals for the E-zine


We believe it’s important to celebrate your individuality and authenticity, so in Conquer, we’ll encourage you to search for those things that matter to you - your own signature lifestyle.


How do you do this?


By taking time out for yourself. 

As women, it can be challenging to take the time to stop, pause, and reflect. The feminine essence is gentle, relaxed, and flowing. It does not hurry or rush. It listens to the still, quiet whispers of the soul, and calmly and boldly moves forwards. It is nourishing, warming, and welcoming. But before it can offer that to others, it must become the spirit of that itself.
Conquering your spirit is looking after this internal presence within. It is prioritising your wellbeing, and leading from that place within.


With Conquer, we hope to give you inspiration to take the first step.


Nathalie Vinciguerra


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