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We enjoyed 2019 and looking forward for more next year!

At Anima Vinci we had a wonderful 2019...what about you?

The end of the year is always a reflective time for many. People say ‘oh hasn’t the year gone fast?’ and if you’ve been busy, then you probably think it has.

But as you allow your favorite perfumes and soothing scents to take you into stillness and contemplation, you can find that you enjoy slowing down and savouring all aspects of life even more. It doesn’t have to feel so fast when you slow down and smell the roses.


We’ve launched a very special scent this year, Sesame Chan, and brought a “Zen State of Mind” to our customers around the world.


The Global Wellness Trends Report shows that the power of scent in shifting one’s mood is now a major trend and we are delighted to see that our brand concept of “mediscent” is begin recognised as a major breakthrough toward a better life into 2020… you’ll soon see more fragrances being used in shops, workplaces, offices and homes.


Having the right scent can do wonders for your mood, your wellbeing, and your overall sense of peace. Fragrances can stay with us months or even years after we’ve smelled them, proving that the power of our nose is probably far stronger than most of us realise.


Looking ahead to next year, we will offer you a new scent and plenty of surprises but, above all, we will be making a major announcement toward Anima Vinci’s commitment to the planet. So, watch this space and stay tuned.


We look forward to taking you with us.


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year,

Anima Vinci


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