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The soothing effect of Neroli

Have you felt stressed recently, with all the craziness going on in the world around you?


A scent can calm and soothe the nerves. When you think back to a familiar smell of the past, it can do so much for the mind and body.

Scents can have a cocooning effect that relaxes us.


Neroli is one such relaxing scent, perfect for soothing the body and mind. It’s an essential oil derived from orange blossoms and has its roots in Morocco.


Origins of Neroli

Neroli was given its name by Countess Orsini, who loved to wear perfume made from orange blossom essence. When she married Prince Nerola, she wanted to pay tribute to her husband's land, and named his beloved fragrance Neroli.

Today, Tunisia is the biggest producer, followed by Morocco.


 How Neroli is harvested

Neroli grows in locations where it receives regular rain and exposure to sunlight. Harvesting this orange blossom requires great technique and patience.

The flowers are fragile, so they must be handled with care. Harvesting takes place between late April and early May, at dawn, when the scents are more concentrated.

Neroli essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh flowers. The yield for this essential oil is low: 100 kilograms of flowers produces about 70 grams of essential oil.

Neroli has floral notes and is highly sought after in perfumery for its floral character, due to the presence of linalool.



White Coffee

In Morocco, they use Neroli oil as part of a ‘white coffee’ - a relaxing blend of boiling water with a spoonful of neroli oil that is a perfect accompaniment to watching the sun go down with a shisha pipe.

The white citrus petals are also transformed into tea and sipped before bed.


Corne De Gazelle

‘Corne de Gazelle’ is a Moroccan delicacy that translates to ‘Gazelle’s horns’.

Served mainly at special occasions, these delicate pastries are fashioned into that exact shape: a curved and dimpled crescent horn.

Made with almond paste and orange flower oil, this sweet treat has Neroli elements. They became our inspiration to make our fragrance.


Anima Vinci's Neroli Wisdom

Our Neroli Wisdom scent delicately captures the heady scent of Morocco and mixes it with orange blossom. It was devised in sun-drenched Marrakesh by Beverley Bayne. Beverley is a master perfumer at CPL Aromas and an influential member of the British Society of Perfumers.

With top notes of Bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and heart notes of Orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, Neroli Wisdom is really a special treat for the body, mind and spirit and bring instantly this relaxation feeling. A subtle balance between the green freshness of Neroli and the sweet facet of gazelle’s horns.


Fancy a bit of the Neroli Wisdom for yourself?


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