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The Healing Power of Scent

According to the Global Wellness Summit, the power of scent is becoming one of the top trends for the future.

Did you know that you’re 100 times more likely to remember something you smell over something you see, hear, or touch?

But when people were surveyed, our olfactory sense is actually the one that most people would get rid of, if they had to choose to lose one of their senses.


The Power of Scent

Scent is not just about perfume. Using the power of scent is about incorporating the power of smell into everywhere we visit - in homes, hospitals, workplaces, and airports.

Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.

Think about it - if you were a nervous flier, wouldn’t the calming scent of lavender in an airport lounge make you feel somewhat soothed? Or if you were in a restaurant on a date, wouldn’t the soft and seductive aroma of ylang ylang make you feel sensuous and confident?

Scent’s wellness benefits

In the 2019 Wellness Trend Report, the Global Wellness summit research shows that scent is having a bit of a renaissance, especially when it comes to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

It details the fascinating studies of rosemary’s effect on cognition. Research indicates that being exposed to the aroma helps people perform mental tasks faster and more accurately. 

Lavender has been found to produce a calming effect on the nervous system and body. A study found that it also eases pre-period symptoms such as mental confusion and depression. 

Bergamot is another relaxing scent that has profound effects on the body. One study found that women who inhaled bergamot had lower levels of saliva cortisol (the stress hormone). 

Brands using scents

Of course, now that the power of scent is being so widely documented, brands are jumping on the bandwagon, and using the power of smell in order to encourage purchases.

Did you know that shoppers tend to stay longer in locations using a scent solution by an average of at least 15 minutes? Casinos have reported an increase in dwell time by up to 45 minutes by using scents.

Another study showed Samsung shoppers underestimated actual shopping time by 26% and visited three times more product categories when exposed to scent marketing. 

How powerful is that?

Scents for a Zen state of Mind

Here at Anima Vinci, we’re passionate about using scent as a way to rebalance both mind and body.

We work with scent experts to create fragrances that will soothe, heal, energise, and uplift, according to ones mood.

For example, our Sesame Chan is delicately blended to guide you towards a state of zen. We’ve mixed the intriguing aroma of Vetiver with the silken scent of roasted Sesame, meaning that this fragrance is perfect for helping you unwind and relax.

Alternatively, we created Lime Spirit with an energising effect, for those days when you need a little more oomph. It includes Bergamot, orange, citrus fusion, mandarin as it’s top notes.

Our olfactory senses are really important; perhaps a lot more than we think.

When we pay just as much attention to our nose as we do our other senses, we find a wonderful way to wellbeing. Surrounding your home and yourself in fragrance can make a huge difference to your life - probably much more than you’d imagine.

If you’re new to scents, perhaps try out a couple to start off with. Notice which scents you like, and how they make you feel. Over time, you can start to create a ‘signature scent’ - perhaps a sweet Neroli orange blossom, or a woody Sandalwood.

How do you use the power of scent in your life?


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