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The Harvest of Rose Centifolia

Our Rose Prana perfume is one of our best selling perfumes here at Anima Vinci, and for good reason. The delicate Rose scent is made with heart notes of Centifolia, which is a particular type of Rose.
The Centifolia is a very fragrant, large, heavy, round bloom with a blush pink colour. It’s also known as the ‘Cabbage Rose’, and is sometimes named the May Rose, and it grows in Grasse, France.


This stunning rose only blooms just once a year, for just three weeks in May. And for us, it was important to capture the smell as it blooms.


So what makes this floral so special? As one harvester reports:
“The essential point of difference in the rose are the number of petals, the comparative number of thorns on the stem, the color and the smell. The number of petals, which is never less than five, goes on increasing in amount till we find one variety with as many as one hundred, thence known as Centifolia."
As you can imagine, the farming of the rose centifolia takes a pretty long time.
As the rose only blooms for a short period of time, it dictates the lives of the rose growers in Grasse, and they have to work quickly to get the best out of the blooms.
After the roses are hand harvested, they are promptly sent to distillation to capture their exquisite perfume :
Profits from the stunning flower are dwindling, and there are less farmers willing to step up and take on the challenge of harvesting such a rare and financially uncertain crop.
To combat this issue, we teamed up with Art &Parfum, who focus exclusively on the growers, and buy the crop at a reasonable price, year on year.
It’s a win-win for both growers and suppliers and means that the Rose continues to bloom successfully in Grasse.


It’s because of this lovely story that Rose Prana is uniquely special. It’s this balance that we’ve worked so hard to achieve, blending the between classic and modern, between the pleasant embrace of the familiar and the exciting delight of the new.
Try the delicate, feminine fragrance for yourself.
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