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Summer Dates & Perfume Pairing

So, is it time you went on a date?


Now that quarantine is over for most of us, it’s time to enjoy a (socially-distanced) drink and perhaps even a spot of dinner.


For many of us, it will be our first time emerging from a hibernation period. The effects of the pandemic have been significant, and it will feel very strange returning back to a sort of ‘new normal’.


So as we begin to get close to each other again, you might be thinking about what scents can be captivated from a two metres distance. How can you flirt with scent?


In this article, we’ll explore some date night ideas, and the scent to go with them!


Look no further than the experts here at Anima Vinci!



Date idea: A party



The first one we recommend is our fun and funky Tudo Azul. This is the ultimate ‘feel good’ perfume, providing a sense of the Brazilian lifestyle - bright sun, beaches, colourful vibes, and good times.


Think of the Rio Carnival - you just want to join the party, right?


Tudo Azul is designed to reflect Brazil’s National Cocktail, Caipirinha and the lightly rolling waves of Ipanema.  Tudo Azul is a joyful concoction of Cachaca, with a twist of citrus-laced Bahia Orange sweetness that gently lifts your spirit.


What’s more, this fresh little number recently became a finalist in the Fragrance Foundation Awards last year.


You could create a small party with balloons, streamers, and funky lights.

Move the sofa, and make your very own dance floor to dance the salsa together!


Date idea: A balmy night on the beach



Picture the scene - the sun is setting on a hot day.

You have a blanket, and you are with your beloved. Your picnic basket is filled with strawberries, sandwiches, cakes and a cold bottle of white wine.


You might even bring a small speaker to play some music from your phone, and enjoy watching the sunset as it slowly sets over the hill.


It’s a very relaxing, soothing, and romantic type of date.


So what type of scent would work here? We feel that Sesame Chan is the best perfume to use.


Sesame Chan has a unique ability to relax and ease your tensions.

With top notes of ginger, cashew, hazelnut, and heart notes of roasted sesame seeds, carrot heart, this sumptuous scent is really incredible for a chilled type of date.


It would be ideal for a calm state of mind, as you relax and unwind on a balmy summer’s day. Sesame Chan is also a finalist with the Fragrance Foundation UK, for the award of best new niche fragrance this year.


Date idea: Drive in cinema




One idea that is pandemic-friendly is a drive in cinema! These are becoming more popular, and are popping up all across the country.


At a drive-in cinema, we can enjoy a date with our loved one. When you’re in the car, getting the right scent is important. Perhaps it will be a horror movie and you will want to get close to your date. Or even a romantic comedy that will bring you even closer.


For this special occasion, there is only one beautiful scent that we would recommend for this fun and romantic date - Rose Prana.


As you can tell, this perfume is constructed from the Centifolia Rose from Grasse.  It is a truly heart-warming scent. With top notes of violets leaves, verbena, pink pepper, and base notes of oak moss, woody accord, vetiver, patchouli, and white musk, it is an intensely interesting scent.


Lure your romantic date with this stunning fragrance - they will be impressed with how the car smells, even after you’ve gone!



Summer date ideas - we have plenty! What’s more, we have a huge range of scents on offer to match any mood or date idea.


What will you choose?


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