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Maintaining energetic balance as a woman: Rose Prana and the flow of life

If you’re a woman, how in balance do you feel right now?


Most women know that ‘having it all’ is an outdated myth. Having a high flying career, a fabulous social life, a large and loving family - it’s pretty impossible these days to juggle all three.


Rather, it is about how we can maintain inner balance and still achieve at our optimum. For example, we really don’t want to be super-stressed, frazzled and burnt out at the expense of being a mother or running a successful business.


On women’s day this Sunday 8th March, we at Anima Vinci wanted to celebrate women. Because let’s face it, they’re pretty badass. They go through tremendous amounts of pain to bring a new life into the world, not to mention raising children whilst holding down a job.


But how can we bring balance into our busy lives?


Scent can help us get back to ourselves, as well as boost our confidence by making us feel good.


When we were looking for a scent that is both calming and mood boosting, we could look no further than the elegant rose, a floral that epitomises the feminine nature of the woman.


The beauty of the rose scent


Can scent transform?


Our founder, Nathalie Vinciguerra, believes this wholeheartedly. She is the Author of Petit Elixir de Vie and Petit Élixir de Nature, two books full of poetic stories, rooted in her passion for scents.


One of these stories chronicles the heavenly scent of our Rose Prana. For this perfume, we use a very specific type of rose. 


It’s called Rose Centifolia (Also known as the May Rose), and it grows in Grasse, France.


This stunning rose only blooms just once a year, for just three weeks in May. in May. And for us, it was important for us to capture the smell as it blooms.


So how is this rose distilled and made into perfume?

We need 800kg of petals to make 1 kg of “concrete” (a waxy paste) and then this paste is re-distilled to obtain 700 grams of what is known as ‘absolute’ - the core essence of what is known as Rose Prana.


Discover more about the harvest of the centifolia rose here


Why did we call it Rose Prana?


If you didn’t already know, "prana” is an Ancient Sanskrit word for the breath, also known as the universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body.


So as we developed Rose Prana, we wanted a scent that was not only beautiful and delicate, but balancing to the mind.


Making perfume sustainable


With the ‘absolute’ substance of this rare rose costing about €38,000/kg, what can we say for sure is that it needs to be sustainable.


As you can imagine, the farming of this rose takes lots of attention. It needs love, and care, and a lot of hard work in order to make this rose bloom.


The roses are harvested by hand, so they’re fragile. They also need to go through distillation immediately to maintain the quality of the oil.


So in order to make this as sustainable as possible, we’ve teamed up with “art de composer le parfum” - a local perfume producer who has decided to help the last farmers of Rose by pre-buying the harvest at a fair price. They’ve also pitched to the media, highlighting the issues about dealing with the farmers and trading at fair prices.


How the scent of rose can empower women


Rose Prana is known as a 'potion to balance your life and your confidence’.


Who would not feel good about themselves when smelling like they have laid in a bed of delicate pink rose petals?


Wearing the scent of Rose can help us feel good about ourselves. It can be an instant mood enhancer, a secret that Nathalie Vinciguerra, our founder discovered when investigating this beautiful flower.


So on Women’s day, we celebrate Nathalie - and all of you women out there who have committed to do whatever it takes to feel good, to look after yourself and to nourish your spirit, no matter how tough life gets.


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