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Let’s give our thanks for World Teachers Day

Did you know there are over 80 million teachers in the world?


This month, on October 5th it’s World Teachers Day. And here at Anima Vinci, we wanted to celebrate all that these lovely people do for our planet. 


What is World Teacher’s Day?


World Teacher’s Day is a day to honour teachers and organisations. All around the world, students and graduates will be using the hashtag #WorldTeachersDay on October 5th to post photos of their favourite teachers, and show them a bit of love and appreciation.


According to surveys done on teaching, 88% of people say that having a teacher has had a ‘significant, positive impact’ on their life.

Being a teacher is no easy feat. After all, there are many other better paid professions in the world, however none quite so rewarding as shaping a person’s future.

Educating people takes a variety of skills, and a number of different qualities. Being a teacher requires patience, whilst someone is starting to learn the information. It also requires kindness, as you take a class through different objectives. However, that also has to be balanced with firmness.

Teachers have one aim; to get the best out of their pupils. That means they’re not always a trusted friend, and they can push you towards being the person you know you are inside. But more than that, teachers can help to develop an individuals sense of self - to help someone strive for more, motivate them into going for their dreams, and encourage a strong sense of self confidence and self worth.


The role teachers have in society

Did you know that just one year more of education for a population can increase GDP from 2 to 5%? Teachers have an important part to play in the development of the workforce, and the intelligence of a nation.

There are many women in the world that choose to become teachers. In fact, as the world data shows, teaching is still a heavily dominant female profession.

Women are often seen as nurturers and caregivers in the world, and the reason why so many become teachers is testament to the fact that they do a brilliant job of shaping the future of so many young people, and we want to celebrate them for that fact.


The need for more teachers

One of the Sustainable Development goals of the UN is to provide every child with quality education by 2030.

The world actually needs more quality teachers, especially in developing countries and it is in places like Africa where teachers are needed the most (they are looking to fill 17 million teaching positions).

Countries such as Switzerland pay teachers the most (an average of £41,000), and in Brazil, there is one teacher for every 32 children, meaning they need excellent classroom management skills.

Because teaching varies around the world, many forms of working hours do too. Teachers are one of the few professions where it is normal to take work home with you, and most teachers work 38 hours per week (averaging 46 hours per week in the UK).

It is teachers in Japan who work the most, though - with a staggering 54 hours per week spent teaching. It’s little wonder that teachers often suffer from burnout, adrenal fatigue and stress-related disorders.


Teacher appreciation

Here at Anima Vinci, we really want to celebrate all of those who give their precious time, energy and resources to help others learn. Did you know that most teachers spend over $500 of their own money on school supplies?

We believe that whilst teachers may get some respect in society, it’s difficult for them to get a real good work-life balance, especially women who may also have child-rearing duties and other chores to attend to.

Teachers give a lot, so for World Teacher Day, we’d really like to give our appreciation back to them and acknowledge them for all the hard work they do.

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