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Everything is fine, everything is blue: The magic of Tudo Azul

If you walk the sun-soaked streets of Brazil, you might see someone you know. If you say ‘how are you?’ they will smile and say:


“Tudo bem, tudo azul”


This means ‘everything is fine, everything is blue’. What does that mean? It means that we are calm and clear, like a blue ocean or beautiful clear skies.

When you feel like this, it brings a feeling of serenity and bliss. Imagine that feeling of the waves crashing on the beach. Everything is delightful, and it brings feelings of being on holiday.

When we have this mentality, everything changes.

Just like the Brazilians, our Tudo Azul fragrance is designed to bring a smile to your face.


The scent of Tudo Azul

Here at Anima Vinci, we decided to create a scent that was all about fun. And what better way than to create one based on a cocktail?

So Tudo Azul is crafted with the caipirinha cocktail. It contains Lime, cachaca (the white alcohol), salt and the magic ingredient, Bahia’s orange.

In this way, it’s pretty simple as a fragrance, but this creates the desired effect - to transport you to white sands, clear skies and the rich blue seas of the ocean.


Fun, fun, fun!

Tudo Azul is a fun and flirty fragrance. Perfectly designed for summer, it’s the scent to wear on a night out.

Think of the Brazilian samba- it is vibrant and alive. This is why the Rio Carnival is held in Brazil - it’s bright, colourful and full of a lust for life.

The scent should make you feel light and summery.



Tudo Azul is inspired by the joy of life and the place of Ipanema, which is a lovely gorgeous seaside town.

Ipanema is a spiritual home of many in Brazil. It is famous all over the world, and people have made pilgrimages there. It’s a picture-postcard kind of place.



Fanny Bal is a rising star in the world of perfumery, and she created Tudo Azul. Crafting a cocktail is exactly like designing a fragrance. So she modelled the fragrance on the fruity Caipirinha - a citrus-laced, sugar-soaked infusion of the country’s character. As Fanny described the creative process:


"Tudo Azul is all about joy, happiness and sun. I have composed the fragrance with bright ingredients and a smile on my face"


Are you ready to feel that ‘everything is fine, and everything is blue?’

Want to soak up that Brazilian spirit? Try our Tudo Azul




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