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A Perfect Scent To Encourage A Zen State Of Mind

In today’s uncertain times, we need to ground and balance ourselves like never before.

Scent can help us do that. Scent has been known to be incredibly calming, to soothe ourselves and to help us face whatever we need to.

Research has shown that the olfactory system has the strongest direct line to the hippocampus and the amygdala, which are the memory and emotional centers of the brain. This is why scent memories can evoke such strong feelings of nostalgia. A smell can carry us back to a specific time and place in ways that conscious thinking or remembering cannot.

One of our most favourite scents here at Anima Vinci is Sesame Chān. Chān means ‘Zen’ in Chinese, and so we wanted to create a fragrance that was calming, balancing, and perfect for states of serenity and meditation.

Sesame Chān was created to relax and ease tension. One of the main ingredients in this perfume is Vetiver, and it’s pretty special. In fact, vetiver oil is known as the oil of tranquility in Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest medical systems.

We actually source the Vetiver from Haiti, and it’s considered to be the best in the world.

The Vetiver is sourced at the end of December, and it is harvested all the way through the year, for a period of around ten months until September.

First, they remove the soil from the roots.
Then they are bundled together, and cleaned.

It was important for us that our perfume is made in a sustainable way, so we make sure that the workers are getting the fairest working conditions and the work is as easy as possible for them to do. This was achieved by transferring most of the heavy harvesting work into mechanization, so land machines can quickly and easily collect the Vetiver.

Our partner, IFF, partnered with the NGO 4LIFE in order to provide support to the local community. Here at Anima Vinci, we want to make sure production is as sustainable as possible and we have a healthy supply chain.

So what does it actually smell like?
It’s hard to describe the wonderful smell of Vetiver. But it is absolutely glorious.

IFF Perfumer, Chiaki Nomura, has a special fondness for this scent:
“It’s an amazing feeling to smell the fragrance like this from the ground. For me as a perfumer, it’s the dream ingredient. ‘

Sesame Chān has top notes of ginger, cashew, and hazelnut. It’s heart notes are the beautiful roasted sesame seeds and carrot heart. The heady vetiver makes up the base note, along with cedar.
It’s the perfect scent to relax and ease any tension.

So if you’re looking to cultivate a zen state of mind in these trying times, why not try some today?


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