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ANIMA VINCI Personality: Sophie Labbé

Passionate by Philosophy, she received the International Perfume Award in 2005, among numerous other distinctions. 
Her Zen Creation for ANIMA VINCI is Sesame Chan. 
We asked Master Perfumer, Sophie Labbé, 25 Feel Good Questions.

1. What’s your self-care routine?

A kiwi for breakfast, a body scrub every week, a facial skin care massage every month.

2. Is there a time of day you like best?


3. Have you got a favourite holiday destination?


4. What’s your signature or favourite scent? 

I love working with seeds for their indulgent effect, their healthiness, their promise to grow when they are in optimal conditions.

5. The last meal you ate?

Shrimp salad and a ceviche

6. What’s in your handbag?

I have 2!
The small one: mobile phone, keys, wallet, lipstick
The big one: vapos of fragrances I am developing, blotters, papers, pictures, make up ....all I need during the day

7. Do you have a motto that you live by?

It is now or never

8. Who’s your best friend?


9. Have you got a favourite book?

I love reading and discovering new writers

10.  Is there a type of music that gets you inspired?


11.  What does happiness mean to you?

When the whole family is gathered

12.  What’s your most treasured possession?

A bracelet from my Mum

13.  How do you like to exercise?

I am practising Yoga

14.  Have you got a favourite film?


15.  What did you want to be when you were little?

An archeologist

16.  Who inspires you?

Mother Nature

17.  When do you feel most relaxed?

when I am walking in a beautiful garden

18.  Do you use a journal or diary?

As soon I have an idea, I write it down in a note book.

19.  What three words would you describe yourself with?

Balanced, determined, curious

20. What’s your happiest memory?
..oh that's just too many beautiful memories!

21.  Do you have a nickname?

You will discover it one day!

22. What’s your favourite smell?

The next new ingredient that will surprise me

23. How would you describe your style?

Simple and Comfortable

24.  What’s the last extravagant item you bought?

A Tiki from Polynesia

25.  If you could give one self care tip, what would it be?

Start your day with something that makes you grow: read a few pages, meditate, do some gardening ….


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