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10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Quarantine

In these uncertain times, it’s important we make the best of the situation.

How can you stay healthy at a time like this? When the fridge is only a few metres away, and the temptation of Netflix is an ever present reality?

Fortunately, it’s still possible to create healthy habits even though you’re mainly stuck indoors. Here’s ten tips from Anima Vinci to stay safe, stay sane, and stay healthy during these strange times.

#1 Meditation

Meditation is a great way to make sure you stay in tune with your inner calm whilst the world is seemingly in chaos. Try the Calm or Headspace App - it’s SO fun and the kids can join in, too.

#2 Yoga

Downward dog your way through these tough times with the Down Dog Yoga app. It’s suitable for all ages, so you can get your inner namaste going whilst keeping healthy indoors (and the app is free until the end of the month!)

#3 Nature

Getting out into nature can be fantastic for both body and mind. Aim for a big walk, cycle or hike once a week and set daily movement goals so you can feel expansive even whilst confined.

#4 Routine

Having a routine is really important when you’re confined to a single space. Make a fun calendar with your family, colour coding the times when you are working, eating together or fitness time gives you a real structure.

#5 Food

When self isolating or in lockdown, it’s really easy to reach for the pizza, or to sit on our computer munching away at a bag of crisps. But by planning your meals, you can make sure that you stay healthy, and allow yourself a delicious treat once or twice a week.

#6 Change Up 

Changing things up is a great way to shift gears! It invites new energy and can create a sense of fun. Maybe change your hair or move around your furniture. A sense of newness can make you feel different, even though you’re in the same space.

#7 Beauty

Making your space beautiful is really important. Having cut flowers, tending your garden, or trying out a new lipstick or look will really help you feel more invigorated when times get boring.

#8 Connect

Keeping connected with friends is really important during these isolation times. Make a note to video call family and friends at least 3-4 times a week. It’s important to laugh and connect to others during these difficulties, and we can rely and support each other!

#9 Gratitude

When your freedoms have been taken away, it can feel a little confining, and like your usual life has disappeared. Just taking time each night to focus on three things that you’re grateful for will be a huge way to feel better during these times. Try a gratitude diary, so you can look back on this time and see the positives.

#10 Scents

When feeling ungrounded, scents can really bring us into the present moment and make us feel strong and empowered. A balancing meditation scent like Wood of Life is our recommendation in order to feel at peace.


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